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MacX DVD Ripper Pro: The best way to rip DVDs to your Apple devices

If you still have shelves full of DVDs sitting around your house, you’re living in the early 2000s. Today’s video is media-free, live streamed or played from files stored on any number of devices — tablets, computers, smartphones and smart TVs. With MacX DVD Ripper Pro, you can “rip” (back up) your physical DVDs to MP4 files that have all of the quality of the original.

Powerful Features

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is absolutely the best macOS tool to rip DVD to MP4. Many Mac users unfamiliar with the process of ripping DVDs think that they’ll get a lower quality copy than the DVD original. That’s not true with MacX DVD Ripper Pro, which uses a proprietary High Quality Engine, deinterlacing, and adjustable HQ encoding to produce a backup that is identical to the original. This 1:1 Quality Ratio makes it impossible to tell the difference between the original DVD and the MP4 file produced by the app.

Now, DVD files are huge, taking up as much as 8GB of storage for a full movie. With the limited storage found on smartphones and tablets, carrying around a library of favorite movies could quickly fill up that space. Fortunately, MacX DVD Ripper Pro converts the DVD/ISO image on the physical disc to a much smaller MP4 H.264 file that is close to 80 percent smaller than the image. The result? Each movie takes up only 700MB to 1GB of storage rather than 8GB!

There are some other tools available on the market that function similarly to MacX DVD Ripper Pro, but only this app takes advantage of Level-3 hardware acceleration utilizing every core of multi-core Mac CPUs to quickly process the video. MacX DVD Ripper Pro is up to 47 times faster than competing apps in ripping and compressing files, and is able to process a movie into an MP4 file in as little as 5 minutes!

Versatility to the Max!

MacX DVD Ripper Pro comes to the table with unprecedented versatility. It’s able to accept almost any type or format of DVD. Have a DVD that was produced in another region and won’t play on your physical DVD player? MacX DVD Ripper can rip it and convert it to a playable format. Damaged DVDs

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