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Automate Text Document Cleanup with TextSoap for Mac

Collaborative writing can be exhausting, taking text from a variety of sources and authors, then trying to get it all into a common format. TextSoap is designed to remove unwanted characters, correct improper capitalization, and fix other common errors with over 100 built-in solutions. We’ve got it for $19.99 today!

You often work with text from different sources, using a wide variety of text formatting techniques that aren’t quite what you need. TextSoap removes unwanted text, fix-up carriage returns, tabs, and any other text-based formatting you might come across. If you work with rich text, you can manipulate text based on its format or format text based on the text. In addition to over 100 built-in cleaners, TextSoap also lets users design custom solutions to their own text-cleanup challenges. Whether you’re dealing with a few stray quotation marks or 300 pages of typos, there isn’t a mess it can’t handle. 

  • Simplified workflow for cleaning clipboard contents

  • Integrated text editor w/ word count

  • Over 100 pre-built cleaner solutions for text processing

  • Drag-and-drop custom cleaner actions for custom text processing solutions

  • Custom groups allow easy access to cleaners based on current task

  • Powerful regular expression support

  • Global menu integration for many of your favorite apps

  • AppleScript support for automation workflows

It’s rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on MacUpdate, and highly valued by many professional writers and editors. Get TextSoap today!

Steve Sande
the authorSteve Sande
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