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Satechi launches Type-C Dual Multimedia Adapter

Satechi has released the Type-C Dual Multimedia Adapter. The hub is the latest addition to the company’s line of Type-C products.

Its patent pending, dual-connector design expands a computer’s two USB-C ports into a variety of other ports, including one 4K HDMI port at 60Hz, one 4K HDMI port at 30Hz, USB-C PD charging, Gigabit Ethernet, micro/SD card reader and USB 3.0 ports.

The Type-C Dual Multimedia Adapter includes two 4K HDMI ports, allowing users to incorporate a 4K display extended across two monitors. Housed in an aluminum construction, the adapter is compatible with the 2019/2018 MacBook Pro, 2018 MacBook Air, and 2018 Mac Mini. 

For users who only want a dual display, but don’t need the additional capabilities of the Multimedia Adapter, Satechi is also launching its Type-C Dual HDMI Adapter. Featuring the same dual-connector design, it features two HDMI ports, both at 60Hz, for a stunning, extended 4K display. 

The adapter also includes a USB-C charging port. For added heat protection, Satechi has included, and recommends using, a silicone covering that can be placed on the adapter when both 4K 60Hz HDMI displays and power are being used simultaneously.

Satechi’s Type-C Dual Multimedia Adapter is available now in silver or space gray for $109.99 on and The Type-C Dual HDMI Adapter available in space gray on and for $64.99. It will also be available in silver in mid-September. Until Sept. 3, Satechi is offering 20% off the Type-C Dual Multimedia Adapter and the Type-C Dual HDMI Adapter with code “DUALDISPLAY” on both and

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