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It’s a Lightning cable AND a portable battery pack, and it’s on sale

Happy 5th of July, campers! Hopefully all of your favorite devices remained fully charged up during yesterday’s festivities, but if they didn’t, you learned an important lesson — portable battery packs can be very useful. We have a really impressive deal for you today; a Nomad 1.5 meter Battery Lightning Cable ($19.99), a durable Lightning cable that doubles as a portable charger. Enter promo code FIREWORK15 at checkout and take another $3 off the price!

Nomad’s equipment is some of the best in the business, and their cables last practically forever. This battery cable combines a nylon-wrapped MFi-certified Lightning cable with a 2,800mAh portable battery. Just carry the cable with you, and you’ll have enough power to give your iPhone 8 a full charge and other iPhones a boost.

  • Apple MFi-Certified

  • Battery capacity: 2,800mAh

  • 20 AWG for fast charging

  • 4X Polyamide Central Core

  • 2X RF shield for fast sync

  • 2X thick moisture barrier

  • Braided Ballistic Nylon

Order today for delivery in about two weeks. The deal only lasts for about five more days.

Steve Sande
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