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AirZeus: All-At-Once Wireless Charging for iPhone, Watch and AirPods 2

Remember AirPower? That was Apple’s idea of a 3-in-1 wireless charger that one would be able to place an iPhone, an Apple Watch and a AirPods 2 charging case and have them all charge at once. Well, that product never made it to market, but AirZeus has figured out how to create a triple wireless charger that does what AirPower never accomplished. We have this charging pad — usually retailing at $149.99 — on sale this week for $44.99, and you can pick it up in the Apple World Today Deals Shop.

  • Wirelessly charge your Qi-compatible phone, smartwatch & earbuds at the same time

  • Keep your tech organized while it charges

  • Easily fit on your nightstand or desk

  • Reduce cable clutter & recharge your devices tangle-free

  • Use Fast Charging tech to energize your devices at blazing speeds

None of us are really sure why Apple’s plans fell through, but we think it had something to do with wanting users to be able to place their devices anywhere on the charging pad. AirZeus has three specific locations where you can place your Qi-compatible devices for charging, which is much less difficult than what Apple was trying to do. Sometimes, the easiest answer IS the answer.

Pick up your AirZeus today and enjoy wireless charging for all of your devices.

Steve Sande
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