Saturday, July 13, 2024
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DrChrono, Jamf team up to facilitate use of Apple devices in the healthcare field

DrChrono Inc., a company with the goal of “enabling the medical practice of the future,” and Jamf, which specializes in Apple management, have partnered to help medical practices set up and manage multiple Apple devices including Macs, iPads and iPhones as well as iOS and Mac apps.

Now with DrChrono and Jamf’s partnership, every time a new device or a new employee is hired, the medical practice IT staff can use Jamf to instantly provision a device with a default setup in real time. If there are, for example 100-pllus apps that need to be loaded onto an employee’s Mac, iPhone and iPad, the practices’ IT staff can simply, with a few clicks, have all of those apps loaded, according to Tad Johnson, director of Product Strategy, Jamf Now.

“Every medical practice that uses DrChrono generally uses our whole suite of apps, our iPad Electronic Health Record (EHR) app, our iPad Waiting Room Patient Checkin app and our iPad Medical Billing app,” says Daniel Kivatinos, chief operating office and co-founder of DrChrono. “The same goes for our iPhone apps; the medical practice apps are loaded instantly into a device. Every practice we work with has many devices so making sure everything is setup on a device takes time, but with Jamf, we can now reduce that time down to minutes which saves valuable time for staff running a busy office.”

Medical practices can create an image of a default profile with all settings they want to load onto devices through Jamf. A practice can build out different types of profiles such as a physician profile, a medical assistant profile, or a patient check-in iPad profile that can be instantly loaded onto an Apple device.

When DrChrono partners with new companies like Physitrack and 3D4Medical, these companies’ apps can be loaded onto a device in real time without the practices’ staff having to manage the device. Even if there are many devices to manage, the right device gets the right apps and settings, like email and wifi, instantly. 

And if DrChrono also updates one of its apps, IT staff can push the latest version of the app to all its iPhone and iPad devices through Jamf automatically. Jamf also focuses on making sure a device can be wiped instantly and remotely when needed, and a new device can be provisioned with all of the same settings as the last within minutes, reducing staff downtime. From one doctor to a medical practice at scale, using Jamf allows for device management including enforcement of encrypted hard drives on Mac and enforcement of secure password policies.

DrChrono medical practices who sign for Jamf Now receive their first three devices free and can add more for just $2/device/month. To learn more about Jamf and DrChrono visit the DrChrono App Directory at

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