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Benton Area School District in Pennsylvania is getting $5,000 for iPads for students

A total of 41 Pennsylvania organizations will be given $264,300 in funding from Williams, which operates the Transco pipeline, through the company’s semiannual Atlantic Sunrise Community Grant program. Among the recipients is the Benton Area School District, which is getting $3,000 to purchase iPads for students.

Williams has awarded up to $10,000 to eligible organizations in communities where the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline project is being constructed. The announcement represents the seventh grant award cycle. Williams has announced total awards to 309 organizations of more than $2.2 million across the Atlantic Sunrise project area since the program’s inception in 2015.

This spring’s grant dollars were dispersed in the following broad categories: emergency response ($107,000), education ($64,500) and recreation or community enhancement projects ($92,800).

Grant applications may be completed online. Applications must be received by Sept. 1.

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