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Nomad’s leather cases for the iPhone X offer something for everyone

Nomad has released five handsome leather cases for the iPhone X, all of which are compatible with Qi wireless charging. The variety means that at least one of the reasonably priced cases will suit everyone — unless he’s looking for a “flavor” rather than rustic brown. 

However, rustic brown is the perfect hue for these cases. The Horween leather is vegetable-tanned, and imbued with natural waxes and oils. The surface isn’t sprayed with a synthetic sealant, so it develops a good-looking patina over time (for best care, use a quality leather conditioner.) The cases are meant to show the scuffs and marks they endure over time, which adds to their authenticity. Of course, if you’re looking for a case without flaws, these aren’t for you.

The Leather Folio is a $49.95 case designed for those who want their iPhone X case to double as a wallet. It holds 3-6 credit cards and folded cash. If your current wallet is a “minimalist” one, this will serve you well. On the other hand, if, like mine, your wallet is stuffed (though mine is filled with business cards, rewards cards, etc., not cash), the Leather Folio isn’t a viable replacement.

The $49.95 Clear Folio is the sibling of the Leather Folio. The difference: it’s made of high grade polycarbonate fused to a rubber TPE bumper, which provides full perimeter and screen protection. Its pros and cons are the same as those of the Leather Folio.

The $39.95 Wallet Case, is also, as you’d guess from the name, another wallet case, albeit a minimalist one built from protective polymer and leatherwork. Designed to hold 2-4 credit cards, it provides full perimeter and screen protection. Like the two, more spacious Nomad wallet cards, it’s for those who don’t need a wallet with lots of storage space.

The $44.95 Rugged Case is a sleek combination of protective polymer and leatherwork. Like the Clear Folio, it’s made from high grade polycarbonate fused to a rubber TPE bumper, providing 10-foot drop protection (though I admit I haven’t dropped my iPhone X to test this spec). It’s like a sturdier version of Apple’s silicon case (

The $39.95 Clear Case is designed to offer most of the protection of the Rugged Case, but with six-foot drop protection rather than 10. It will appeal to those who want the Apple logo on the iPhone X to shine through. The Clear Case’s soft microfiber lining cushions the phone and the shell provides edge-to-edge protection. 

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★ (for each of the cases)

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