Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Western Digital unveils new personal cloud storage solutions

Western Digital has launched My Cloud Home, a new personal cloud storage solution designed to let you take control of your digital content. 

With the My Cloud Home solution, you can aggregate all of the photos, videos and files from your iPhones, Macs, iPads, USB storage, cloud and social media accounts in one central place. Then, using your smart phone, tablet or computer from anywhere with an Internet connection, you can view your content and share it with others.  

With their data spread across 14 different devices on average, consumers are faced with growing, disparate collections of data and no way to easily access it all, according to Jim Welsh, senior vice president, Client Solutions, Western Digital. Those collections are expanding to an approximately 4.5TB of data per U.S. household in 2017 and are expected to grow further with increasing popularity of capacity-intensive applications such as virtual reality, 4K, 8K and 360 video, he adds.

Users can set the My Cloud Home solution to be set to automatically and continuously copy all user content from their smart phone and computer devices. Files from USB flash drives, external hard drives and memory cards (via a USB adapter) can be imported via its USB port. 

Additionally, users can connect to and transfer content from their social media platforms and favorite cloud services such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and Facebook. Television shows, movies, home videos and music saved on the My Cloud Home can be enjoyed on a smart TV or media player using the Plex app. This content can also be enjoyed on a smart phone or tablet device using the My Cloud Home app. With the app — available for free at the Apple App Store — you can manage the My Cloud Home solution to add services, users or even make sure the system is updated with the latest software. 

For creative content warriors who may need more storage to house their digital library, there’s a dual-drive personal cloud option. The My Cloud Home Duo solution provides all the functionality of the My Cloud Home solution plus a dual-drive configuration set to Mirror Mode (RAID 1) to automatically duplicate content onto a second drive for extra peace of mind.

 With no additional service subscription required, the My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo solutions are protected by a two-year limited warranty and are available exclusively now from in the U.S and at select retailers and distributors around the world. The My Cloud Home solution has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price in the U.S. of $159.99 for a 2TB model, $179.99 for 3TB, $199.99 for 4TB, $259.99 for 6TB and for $319.99 8TB. The My Cloud Home Duo solution has a MSRP in the U.S. of $309.99 for 4TB, for $399.99 8TB, $549.99 for 12TB, and $699.99 for 16TB.  

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