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Macs top Consumer Reports’ reliability surveys

In the latest Consumer Reports survey of 83,000 readers, Apple was dubbed the most reliable company when it comes to laptops and desktops, according to ZDNet.

Among the top laptop brands, Apple’s “broken or not working as well” percentage is 17. Other brand percentages: Samsung 27; Dell 29; HP 30; Lenovo 31; and Asus 33.

Among desktops Apple’s trouble rate is 15%. Other brands: Lenovo 24; Samsung 25; Dell 27; HP 27; and Asus 29.

The differences are even more interesting when it comes to tech support. Approximately 9,756 Consumer Reports subscribers also weighed in on their 2016 Technical Support Survey, covering support experiences with 14,889 desktop, laptop, 2-in-1 computers, and Chromebooks. 

The reader score for Apple was 82, Microsoft earned a 68, and Dell at 56. A reader score of 80 means respondents are “very satisfied” on average; 60, means “fairly well-satisfied” and 40, “somewhat dissatisfied.”

CR subscribers said that Apple solved their problem 79% of the time. And Apple’s Genius Bars were tied with independent computer stores for in-store satisfaction.

The survey was published several months ago but Consumer Reports spokesperson Doug Love told CNBC: “I can tell you that Apple regularly performs at the top of Consumer Reports‘ reliability surveys.”

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