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Lawsuits expand over iPhone 6 Plus ‘touch disease’ problem

No one I know has faced this problem, but purportedly the touchscreens on thousands of iPhone 6 Plus devices have stopped working. Lawyers who filed a class action lawsuit against the company in California recently signed on three additional law firms to support their case. 

An additional class action lawsuit related to the issue has been filed against Apple in Utah. There is also a class action suit in Canada.

A Sept.20 filing in the Utah case claims that “[Apple] has requested an extension of time to respond to the Complaint.” A filing submitted by Apple earlier this week in the larger California class action suit asked to combine the two cases into one, presumably so Apple can focus its legal resources to just one suit, notes Motherboard.

The most visible symptom of “touch disease” is a flickering grey bar at the top of your screen. However, the flickering screen isn’t the only symptom. Some users report that after the grey bar starts flickering, the screen becomes intermittently unresponsive across the entire display. If you’re out of warranty, Apple will quote you a $329 replacement cost.

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