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The new Apple Watch is ‘swim proof’ and has built-in GPS

Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer, came on-stage today at the company’s special media event, to introduce the new Apple Watch Series 2, which has been completely reengineered to be swim proof.”

You can wear it while you’re swimming or surfing. It’s rated water resistant to 50 meters. The speaker itself has been jiggered to reject water, says Williams. He adds that the new smartwatch isn’t just for occasional swimmers, but for those who swim everyday. For this reason, Apple is also introducing Open Water Swim and Pool Swim apps.

The Apple Watch 2 adds a dual core processor that’s up to 50% faster and a new GPU that’s two times faster. It packs a new display that’s up to two times brighter than before at 1,000 nits. Williams says it’s the brightest screen Apple has ever shipped and makes a big difference when you’re looking at the display outside.

The new Apple Watch also adds built-in GPS. Williams says developers can take advance of the new GPS functionality. There’s a new watchband that comes in ceramic with a pearl-like shine and which is purportedly four times harder than stainless steel.

Williams says that the new smartwatch should be especially popular with runners. Apple has worked with Nike to create the Apple Watch Nike Plus, which has a perforated band and light-weight aluminum case. Trevor Edwards, Nike president says it’s the “perfect running companion.” The Apple Watch Nike Plus, provides a lot of data and metrics customized to your needs and comes in four colors.

Apple Watch Series 2 starts at $369, so is the Nike version, which will arrive in late October. You can preorder both on Sept. 9.

Oh yes, and Pokemon Go is coming to the Apple Watch. It’ll arrive before the end of the year; pricing hasn’t been announced. 

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