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Daily Deal: Add up to 200GB of storage to your MacBook Air or Pro with the Nifty MiniDrive R13

You can never be too rich, too good-looking, or have enough storage. We can’t help you get money or good looks, but with this Apple World Today Daily Deal, anyone with a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with an SD card reader built in can add up to 200GB of storage. To start this upgrade, all you need is the Nifty MiniDrive R13, available in the AWT Deals Shop for just $33.99. 

Take the Nifty MiniDrive R13, go buy yourself a MicroSD storage card like this 200GB SanDisk Ultra ($78.95) , pop it into the Nifty MiniDrive, then slide that into the SD slot on your MacBook. Guess what? You suddenly have a heck of a lot of secondary storage, perfect for doing Time Machine backups on the road.

  • Perfect coloring & shaping attach seamlessly to your computer
  • Daily back-up options can automatically back up files while your MiniDrive is present
  • MicroSD cards up to 200 GB are compatible w/ MiniDrive

No MicroSD card is included with the MiniDrive; you’ll have to supply your own. But for $33.99 you’ll have a virtually invisible drive adding fast storage to your MacBook. Order one today!

Steve Sande
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