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Apple ranks fourth on LinkedIn’s top Attractors list

LinkedIn Corp. the world’s largest professional network on the Internet, has launched its first-ever Top Attractors list, using exclusive LinkedIn data and examining the billions of actions of LinkedIn’s 433+ million members, to rank the top companies where people want to work now. Apple is number four on the list.

Top Attractors ranks the top companies in the world, as well companies in United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Brazil and India, and is the latest list in the editorial LinkedIn List franchise, which celebrates the companies and the people making an impact in the professional world. The industries attracting the most job seekers in the U.S. include technology (45%), media and entertainment (13%), financial services (10%) and professional services (10%), among others. 

Here’s what LinkedIn had to say about Apple: “Last year, Apple introduced a novel benefit, doling out restricted stock units to the vast majority of its more than 100,000 employees. The move — unheard of among companies with a large base of hourly retail workers — brought raves on LinkedIn. But it’s Apple’s ‘transformative’ products that account for the ‘essence of employee satisfaction,’ HR chief Denise Young Smith said last summer. While CEO Tim Cook (above) jokes that Apple has ‘more secrecy here than the CIA,’ ex-employees gush on LinkedIn about talented co-workers and great flexibility. The company’s diversifying, too: It hired 11,000 women during a recently reported 12-month period, a 65 percent increase.”

In the Top Attractors survey, professionals point to notable CEOs, schedule flexibility and company growth as the most important attributes when considering where to work. Here is what the top 10 LinkedIn Top Attractors are doing to draw top talent:

  • Google offers post-mortem financial support to the spouses and families of employees.
  • Salesforce consulted monks when constructing areas for mindfulness in its offices.
  • Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is one of the only millennial CEOs on the list. His company made waves in expanding paid parental leave to all employees globally to four months off.
  • Apple is designing a new multi-billion dollar campus headquarters that includes 8,000 trees in an effort to be more environmentally friendly.
  • Amazon provides excellent salaries and such perks as the Amazon Career Choice Program, which pays 95 percent of tuition for in-demand fields.
  • Uber employees are given free ride credits every month.
  • Microsoft employees don’t need to look far for coffee – the wide-spanning campus has 37 espresso bars, 33 cafes and more than 500 stocked kitchenettes.
  • Tesla boasts of a “flat organizational structure” to streamline conversations between departments.
  • Twitter holds regular meetings between its leaders and “tweeps” to stress transparency.
  • Airbnb gives employees a travel allowance to visit their properties.

The Top Attractors’ methodology is derived from a combination of LinkedIn data and editorial. The list examined all companies with more than 500 employees and is fueled by exclusive LinkedIn data like applications for jobs, company reach, member engagement, new hire staying power, and an editorial lens. It’s based on the actions of professionals with editorial oversight, highlighting the companies most sought-after today.

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