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Timelines for Final Cut Pro X simplifies working with, well, timelines

Timelines from Ripple Training — a $59 plug-in set designed exclusively for Final Cut Pro X — is a cool collection of eight transition effects that create graphical timelines for videos. 

The timeline in Final Cut Pro allows 99 video tracks to be layered on top of each other. If a clip is higher [in the timeline] than another, then it obscures whatever is below it. The size of a video clip can be altered, and the clips can be cropped, among many other settings that can be changed. Ripple Training’s plug-in makes working with video track timelines simpler.

Each transition in Timelines is highly customizable. You can easily can change just about any detail, including colors, background graphics and text. A unique Director’s View provides a bird’s eye view of transitions, complete with explanatory text guides and on-screen controls, which makes adjustments to the layout of transition video clips and drop zones easy.

You can choose from preset camera animation styles, and even adjust the preset to create the exact framing desired. What’s more, with Timelines you can freeze transitions and add built-in text effects.

Dennis Sellers
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