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Gain knowledge for free: FileMaker Training Series for FileMaker 14

Knowledge is a great thing; becoming an expert about an application or supporting hardware has launched many a successful career. What’s even better than knowledge? Gaining it for free, save for the effort expended in obtaining it. FileMaker has announced the free availability of the FileMaker Training Series: Basics for FileMaker 14 online and on the iBooks Store

FTS Basics focuses on the skills that beginners need to create solutions that run on iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows and the web. The 19-part training series is available as a set of PDF files covering everything (software not included) you’ll need to hone those FileMaker skills:

  1. FileMaker Platform Overview
  2. Using Starter Solutions
  3. Viewing and Working with Data
  4. Finding and Sorting Records
  5. User-Centered Design
  6. Importing Data
  7. Creating Fields and Tables
  8. Relationships
  9. Layouts
  10. Layout Design Tools
  11. Special Layout Objects
  12. Formatting Field Objects
  13. User Interface Best Practices
  14. Calculations
  15. Scripting
  16. Reporting
  17. Integration
  18. Security
  19. Deployment 

Once you’ve covered the basics, there’s a low-cost way to continue sharpening your skill set. The FileMaker Training Series: Advanced is available for $19.99 from the iBooks Store and the FileMaker Web Store to help you on the way to becoming a FileMaker Certified Developer. FTS: Advanced covers:

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Data
  • Module 3: Interface
  • Module 4: Solutions Logic: Calculations
  • Module 5: Solutions Logic: Scripting
  • Module 6: Reporting
  • Module 7: Security
  • Module 8: Deployment
  • Module 9: Integration

FileMaker is a powerful tool for creating cross-platform applications, and there always seems to be a shortage of trained consultants to take on the needs of small to medium sized businesses. Get some free or low-cost training from FileMaker and put yourself to work!

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