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This week’s sponsor: Softorino’s WALTR

The AWT team members are all big fans of WALTR by Softorino (US$29.95), a Mac app that does one thing very well — it converts just about any media file to an iOS-compatible format and then copies it quickly to your device. There’s no need to convert the files beforehand with another app or use a special player app on your iOS device — it’s all done with WALTR.

Our readers, being the special people that they are, will get an exclusive 33% discount off of the price of WALTR. Use that discount link or the sponsor button on the right side of this page to buy WALTR for just $20.07. If by some chance you end up on the purchase page and see the full price, just type in the coupon code GIVEMEMYAWTSPECIAL and the discount will be automagically applied. The 5-pack is even more of a bargain at just $53.57!

Back in November of 2014, the Softorino development team was responsible for letting the world know that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus can play 4K video thanks to the powerful A8 chip build into those smartphones. Here’s video that they released showing playback of both 50 and 100 Mbps 4K streams on an iPhone 6, both copied to the iPhone with none other than WALTR:

So, Mac, iPhone and iPad owners — show your support for Apple World Today and get a great bargain on an indispensable utility at the same time. By the way, since you read this post all the way down here to the bottom, it’s time to let you in on a little secret — the app name pays tribute to Breaking Bad’s Walter White.

Thanks again to Softorino and WALTR for sponsoring Apple World Today this week!

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