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10 popular iPhone apps that you need now

By Michael Dehoyos

As you see more and more iPhones in use (as it has always been for years now), there are many more apps to install and try out. With many apps to choose from, which ones are the best? 

In this article, we’ll look at 10 apps that have the most downloads and popularity. Although this isn’t a complete list of the most popular apps to date, these 10 apps are definitely worth mentioning and are available at the Apple App Store.

Google/ Google Chrome

“By now, Google is pretty much everywhere,” says Robert West, a tech writer at 1 Day 2 write and Writemyx. “If you can’t get to your computer, you can always download their mobile app, which lets you find nearby places and restaurants with just a few taps. And, there’s the Google Chrome app, which can be synced across multiple devices, using your Google account.”


Inkwork lets you transform a photo into a detailed sketch without the need for real pens or pencils. With a sleek and polished interface, as well as its choices of backgrounds, ink colors, the stroke sizes, etc. Inkwork is an artist’s companion, if you like sketching and creating digitally.


While Apple’s Photos app lets you add studio-style lighting to your photos, Apollo takes it a step further by letting you add multiple lights and special effects that you can’t get from your default app. For example, if you want shadows to come from the light coming through a window blind, Apollo will help you create that effect in the photo. 

Facebook / Messenger

Facebook is an obvious must-have on an Apple smartphone. Since the social media giant has evolved over the years, now it has added other features besides getting updates from friends: marketplace listings; the ability to watch videos; the ability to send updates on memories from past posts. Facebook also has the companion app, Messenger, which lets you message your Facebook friends with text and or fun emojis.


Created from Facebook, Instagram is another photo-friendly social media platform, and is the second-most popular free app in the App with an estimated 31 million downloads during its launch in 2010.


Similar to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp is a messaging service that was bought by Facebook in 2014. With an estimated 33.8 million times downloads so far, Whatsapp has already become a service that many businesses would use to make video/audio calls, as well as share documents, images, etc. with other people.

Obscura 2

Obscura 2 beats out any other iPhone camera, since it lets you make much-needed adjustments to your device’s camera that the default Camera app may not have handy. Acting as a manual camera, you can use a contextual wheel above the shutter, and then select a tool. By controlling precision, and having optional feedback on how you’re doing, this app makes sure that you’re okay with the photo before it’s finalized.


Having YouTube on your device is a no-brainer, since many people watch videos online nowadays. And with mobile devices like the iPhone, it’s no wonder YouTube has an estimated 35.3 million downloads.

Now, YouTube has a Premium subscription that lets you download and view playlists offline, and have no ads. However, if you don’t want to spend $12 a month on the subscription, the free version is always available – and still lets you watch videos whenever and wherever.

Tik Tok

“Tik Tok serves as both a music video and social media app,” says Mason Rees, a web developer at Brit student and Next coursework. “You can shoot and edit short clips, and then add music and special effects to it. And, since this app was inspired by, it’s no wonder that millions of Apple users are flocking to this app, with an estimated 45.8 downloads.” 


Discord is a chat app that lets you go cross-platform, meaning that you can go from your phone to the computer, and back again without losing your connection to whoever you’re talking to. The app also lets you have voice chat, and lets you join groups through a link, making party-joining a breeze.


Apps are part of what makes the smartphone (like the iPhone) … a smartphone. And usually, iPhone apps tend to surpass Android equivalents, when it comes to performance. 

Michael Dehoyos writes and edits for PhD Kingdom and Write my dissertation. He also contributes to numerous sites and publications like Origin Writings. As a content marketer, he helps companies improve their marketing strategies.

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