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​Spidercase Rugged Full-Body Case for iPhone 7: This Week’s Apple World Today Sponsor

You finally got that Jet Black iPhone 7 you wanted, didn’t you? Want to keep it looking nice and avoid those “micro-abrasions”? Maybe you went with a Silver iPhone 7 Plus, and although you know it’s waterproof, you’d like a bit more protection. Spidercase has the perfect case for your new iPhone, and as this week’s sponsor of Apple World Today, we’re going to get you as excited about these amazing cases as we are!

First, about the name Spidercase. Take a look at these unique cases, and you’ll see the spiderweb design that inspired the name. That design does more than just give your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus a Spider-Man vibe; those cutouts remove weight and add strength.

Next, lets talk about the protection your iPhone is going to get in a Spidercase. It’s water, dust, shock and snow-proof. All cases go through a rigorous factory water test, with a random sampling going through a second test to ensure waterproofing. Every Spidercase is rated at IP-68; that means that your iPhone can withstand water immersion to 6.6 ft/2m for an hour, and can be immersed in circulating talc dust for 8 hours without anything getting through the case and onto your phone. 

That same case — which includes a built-in screen protector that still allows full use of Apple’s Touch ID — is also sealed from snow and ice. Spidercase is the perfect case for skiers, snowboarders, and hockey enthusiasts.

While the spiderweb design helps give each Spidercase a solid grip in your hand, it’s possible that you might fumble the iPhone. Don’t worry — your iPhone is protected from drops and shocks from up to 2 meters height. That protection comes in four different colors — black, clear, pink and teal, and Spidercase manufacturer Eonfine provides a full lifetime warranty with each case.

The Spidercase comes with a carabiner for attaching the iPhone to your bag or belt when you’re out hiking, as well as a hand strap and cleaning cloth. So, how much do you think the Spidercase is going to cost? A lot less than you might guess. At less than $25 for either the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus case, Spidercase gives you ultimate protection at a bargain price. 

Visit the Spidercase website for more information, and be sure to follow Spidercase on Facebook

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