Updated Apple Maps app available in Finland, Norway, Sweden

Apple says its updated Maps app is now available in Finland, Norway, and Sweden. 

This is the seventeenth time that Apple has expanded its new map data since its public launch in September 2018. After four and a half years of expansions—and nine years of data collecting—Apple’s new map data now covers 21.2% of Earth’s land area and 10.7% of the global population (i.e., 854 million people worldwide), notes Maps expert Justin O’Beirne. 

The revamped Maps offers more detail, improved navigation, custom-designed 3D models of popular landmarks, immersive turn-by-turn walking directions powered by augmented reality, and more. Look Around, which was first introduced in iOS 13, is also coming to Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

Dennis Sellers
the authorDennis Sellers
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