Three real estate misconceptions about Port de La Mer in 2023 that 90% of people believe

that circulate in society. Consider 10 of the most global delusions about Port de La Mer real estate in 2023 that about 90% of people believe. Explore property in Port de La Mer in 2023 on the site.

Myth #1: Buying property is expensive

Most people believe that buying a property is expensive. This opinion is not always accurate. Value depends on its standing, the type and condition of the property, market demand, and other factors. In addition, many developers offer flexible payment and financing options that can make the purchase more affordable.

The final cost of real estate in Port de La Mer depends on many factors, such as the chosen type of housing, its area, floor, and standing. For example, one-bedroom apartments start at AED 1.3 million (353,000 USD), while three-bedroom apartments can cost up to 8.4 million AED (2.3 million USD).

However, in general, property prices in Port de La Mer do not differ much from the average property prices in Dubai. For example, the average price per square meter in Dubai is about 9,500 AED (about 2,580 USD), while prices in Port de La Mer start at 1,900 AED per square foot (about 20,500 AED per square meter or 5 590 USD per square meter). If you’re looking to invest in property in Port de La Mer in 2023, check out the listings available at https://www.axcapital.ae/.

Port de La Mer is a prestigious project located on the shores of the Persian Gulf, combining high-quality housing, original design, and a convenient location. In addition, Port de La Mer offers a beach, spa, restaurants, cafes, shops, sports fields, and playgrounds.

Myth #2: New buildings are less expensive than the secondary market

One global delusion about the real estate market is that brand-new buildings are more expensive than existing homes. However, in the case of Port de La Mer, this statement is not accurate.

According to the Bayut portal, the average price per square meter of pre-owned housing in the Jumeirah area is around 5,300 AED, while the average price per square meter in newly constructed developments in Port de La Mer starts at 6,700 AED.

The property has a high level of comfort and security, which makes it an attractive choice for buyers. In addition, it is worth noting that buyers of newly built buildings may choose different options for the finishing and layout of apartments. It can also affect the cost.

The fable that newly built buildings are cheaper than the secondary market is not supported by Port de La Mer. However, it is critical to consider all factors: locality, comfort and safety levels, finishes, and layout when choosing a property.

Myth #3: A high-floor home is a wise choice

High-rise properties offer stunning views of the sea and surroundings. However, the cost of apartments on top floors may be higher than on lower ones. For example, the cost of apartments on the seventh floor in the Port de La Mer project may be 3.3 million AED (about 898,000 USD), while on the second floor, the cost may be 2.2 million AED (about 599 000 USD) (data for 2023). As a result, choosing a floor should be based not only on the magnificent view but also on your budget and needs.


Port de La Mer is a unique place. In this place, you will find comfort, luxury, the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking sea views, and walks along the picturesque coastline. Why not get your piece of paradise? Visit the site and find out more about how to buy property in Port de la Mer. Do not miss the opportunity to create your ideal life in this unique place.

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