The Cable Block XL offers an easy, efficient way to manage cable spread

If the cables from your various devices are running amuck, FUNCTION’s Cable Block XL offers an easy, effective way to get the situation under control.

The cable management system is comprised of four premium silicone blocks that keeps your cables organized on the workspace. The Cable Block XL offers twice the weight of the company’s original cable blocks with only a 10% increase in size. And unlike with many products, cable management solutions need a bit of heft. 

You can position the The Cable Block XLs anywhere along your cable and on your workspace, then move ‘em around as needed. Thankfully, the cable blocks don’t use adhesives.

The Cable Block XL has extra weight to keep your cables securely in place and also has a bottom magnet that enables connection to metal surfaces. Each cable block has embedded magnets so you can connect a second block for extra security when needed. 

You can connect multiple blocks together to keep all your cables neatly aligned.

Plus, Cable Block XLs are available in different colors — black, grey, navy, purple, blue, pink, and orange — so look reasonably attractive on your desktop.

You can buy four-pack for US$24.95. Or you can buy an individual Cable Block XL for $9.95.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★

Dennis Sellers
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