Smart Ways to Store Furniture in Melbourne 


Almost anything may be temporarily held in a self-storage container, although furniture is perhaps the most common item. Moving your furniture into a storage container is a reasonable option for many reasons, including moving, renovations, and guest stays. Some of them may include:

Moving or Relocating

Most people who utilize storage units do so in preparation for a move. Most individuals will have to relocate their possessions at some point, whether due to retirement, relocating houses, downsizing an office space, or relocating to a university. Because large pieces of furniture are only sometimes possible to transport quickly, many people find that safe storage is the best solution for their needs.


It may be prudent to store valuables like furniture while your home is undergoing renovations or redecorating. If you don’t have a spare room, loft, or garage to store items while other rooms are being fixed, this is a lifesaver.

You can spend a fair fortune fixing damaged things because dust covers aren’t good enough to protect your expensive furniture from paint splatters. Additionally, those who work from home will surely like the additional room to roam about while they do their tasks.

Inherited Wealth

If you have inherited valuable pieces of furniture, such as a grandfather clock or an antique table, but don’t have room for them right now, or if you want to leave them to future generations, consider storing them.

House Staging

You can see beyond the chaos since it is your home.  But many purchasers must be more creative and look beyond your untidy spare room or piano covered in mail and periodicals. Put a lot of stuff into self-storage before having an estate agent take pictures of your house before you put it on the market.  Rooms that are clean and well-organized provide the impression of more space and let prospective buyers see themselves living there.

Furniture Storage

Although it’s a niche market, some individuals rent out short-term storage units specifically to refurbish and resell used furniture to customers who like classic styles. As a bonus, our self-storage facilities may serve as a restoration workshop if you maintain them clean and in their original state. It’s a win-win situation!

Importance of Packing and Preparing Furniture Correctly


Packing moving boxes may seem like a small deal, but you’d be shocked at how often we see them mispacked. Don’t simply throw everything in there and hope for the best when packing to move. Take your time filling the boxes and ensure they are stored correctly afterward. 

Make sure everything is securely packaged in its designated container. The relocation procedure could take longer if your belongings aren’t packed tightly or secure. In addition, your belongings are more likely to be damaged or lost during the relocation if the boxes are not packed correctly. Always use caution while packing fragile objects; a box’s dual function is to facilitate movement while safeguarding its contents. 

Services Storage To The Rescue


You can store your furniture properly and safely in storage units. This solution is not only efficient but also easy to use. While small cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, and other storage essentials will work for your furniture storage, the real deal is how to put it away, and this can cost a lot of money. 

With storage units, you can safely store your furniture without having to worry about packing it and finding just enough space for those big, bulky items. This saves you time and increases your efficiency multifold.

Different Sizes of Storage Units

Different storage units of different sizes including 10×8 shipping containers are available, and you can choose the one that suits your needs. Some of the sizes are:

6ft Mobile Storage Unit: Holds approximately 2 standard bedrooms of goods

8ft Mobile Storage Unit: Holds approximately 2.5 standard bedrooms of goods

10ft Mobile Storage Unit: Holds approximately 3 standard bedrooms of goods

20ft Mobile Storage Unit: Holds approx the contents of a 3-4 bedroom home


So, why should you spend your energy and money considering other options when you have a superior solution? Get any size of mobile storage that suits your needs and make furniture storage easy and cheap!

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