Rumor claims Apple has abandoned (for now) plans for a foldable iPhone

Well, this isn’t exactly a firm prediction: according to Alpha Biz (via DigiTimes), Apple might release a foldable iPhone in 2027 — or cancel the project entirely.

Weibo user Fixed Focus Digital claims that Apple has abandoned its plans for a foldable iPhone.

“Apple is accelerating the research and development of folding screen products, and has purchased several friends’ devices on sale for disassembly research, but it is said that because the display failed to test the screen, the project has been put on hold,” Fixed Focus Digital tweeted.

I know nothing about the guy (or gal), but I’ve long expressed doubt that Apple would release an “iPhone Fold.” Why?

As noted by the Make Use Of website, since the screen on a foldable phone folds and unfolds several times a day, it wrinkles down the middle and leaves a noticeable crease. This can prove to be interrupting in daily use as you slide your finger across the screen.

Also, as the article notes, dust is a big problem for foldable phones because they have a lot of moving parts. If any small dust particle enters the phone body via any one of its openings, it can cause problems and potentially kill the device. 

Finally, Make Use Of notes that making a foldable phone means sacrificing a lot of internal real estate to house all the moving parts. The hinge itself takes up a lot of space. 

“Due to this, foldable phones often have mediocre battery life—at least not as good as what they could have if the moving parts didn’t take up so much space,” notes Make Use Of.

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