Plan on using your new 12.9-inch iPad Pro as a laptop alternative/replacement? Splurge on the 2024 Magic Keyboard

Apple's first OLED-screen tablet, the iPad Pro, reportedly has a shipment target of over 9 million units.

If you plan on using your new 12.9-inch iPad Pro as a laptop alternative/replacement, you should spring for the revamped Magic Keyboard.

However, it’s US$349, so if you’re not going to be using your the tablet for the previously-mentioned scenario, you may prefer to shop around for a less pricey folio or protective case. That said, if you’re doing a lot of work on your tablet, the 2024 Magic Keyboard is a big improvement over its 2020 predecessor.

The new keyboard has a sleek new design that sports a 14-key function row for quick access to screen brightness, volume controls, and other features, a bigger palm rest, and a USB‑C connector for pass-through charging. The floating cantilever design smoothly adjusts to multiple viewing angles.

The larger glass trackpad with haptic feedback is useful for folks like me in selecting text. It also makes it relatively easy to navigate on the tablet with Multi-Touch gestures. And I really like that the new Magic Keyboard, unlike its predecessor, has backlight keys.

The keyboard’s machined aluminum hinge includes, as mentioned a USB-C. The outer cover provides front and back protection, and the keyboard folds into a case when you’re on the move with the Apple tablet. Rubber backing is attached to the metal base; we’ll have to see how well it holds up to constant usage.

Just as the latest iPads slimmed down, so has the Magic Keyboard. It’s about 50 grams lighter than its predecessor. But if the overall design is smaller, the trackpad is bigger. Its pressure-sensitive area users haptic feedback, so you’ll know when you’ve clicked.

To use the new Magic Keyboard, you’ll need to be using a 12.9-inch iPad Pro with an M4 processor that’s running iPadOS 17.4 or later. It comes in black or white, but the black version is much more attractive.

Doubtless other companies will come out with competing products. But the 12.9-inch iPad Pro/2024 Magic Keyboard combo offers a very Mac laptop-like experience if that’s what you’re after.

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