PETA Slams Apple TV+’s ‘Bad Monkey’ for ‘Animal Exploitation’

PETA slams Apple TV+'s "Bad Monkey" for "animal exploitation."

Primatologist and PETA Foundation Director of Captive Animal Welfare Debbie Metzler has slammed Apple TV+’s upcoming series, “Bad Monkey,” which used a real monkey despite receiving warnings from PETA about the tragic lives of primates used for film and TV.

“The real mystery of Bad Monkey is why showrunner Bill Lawrence decided to brazenly ignore PETA’s warnings that dragging real monkeys onto a set hinders conservation efforts and fuels an industry that snatches them away from their mothers, in addition to condemning them to lives of deprivation, misery, and pain,” Metzler says. “PETA is calling on audiences to skip this sad spectacle and for Lawrence to solve the case of his missing moral compass by choosing cutting-edge CGI or other humane technology.”

PETA [People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals] notes that most primates used for film are taken away from their mothers prematurely, a practice that denies the infants the maternal care and nurturing that they need for normal development. “Their instinctual needs are completely thwarted, and as a result, they often develop neurotic behavior patterns, such as pacing, rocking, swaying, cage-biting, and self-mutilation,” says PETA. “Many suffer from debilitating loneliness and depression, as their complex physical and psychological needs cannot be met at training compounds or on movie sets.

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