Kandji Announces Assignment Maps to streamline Apple device configuration in the enterprise


Kandji, an Apple device management and security platform, has announced Assignment Maps, a new feature that streamlines the configuration of Apple devices in Kandji at scale.  

Assignment Maps automates the assignment of settings and apps to Apple devices, empowering IT teams with confidence that the configurations they want to deploy are being implemented while also freeing them up to focus on core business initiatives, according to Weldon Dodd, senior vice president for Global Solutions at Kandji.

“What makes Assignment Maps unique is that they are made up of conditional blocks, drawn on an infinite canvas, that contain one or more assignment nodes,” he adds. “Each node is a collection of settings and configurations that are to be assigned to a group of devices. Conditional logic determines whether or not the items in a node are assigned and, if so, to which devices. For IT teams, this allows configurations to be easily grouped together and nested.”

Dodd says that additional benefits of Assignment Maps include: 

  • As with Classic Blueprints, allows a device to belong to just one map at a time, and only Library Items included on that map can be installed on those devices. 
  • Allows configurations to be nested, to increase granularity and specificity in assignments.
  • Introduces a new device lookup feature that makes it easy to identify why specific Library Items were installed or configured on a specific device.
  • Prevents two or more conflicting settings from being assigned to a device, using a system of inherent priority that resolves conflicts before they’re applied to a device.
  • Creates visibility into the relationships between groups of devices and to see which settings and configurations are being applied to them.
Dennis Sellers
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