Thursday, December 7, 2023

iPhone 14 Plus sales are ‘far beyond’ (in a bad way) Apple’s expectations

As noted by Macworld, according to a post by yeux1122 on Naver (translation), the flagging sales of the iPhone 14 Plus are “far beyond” even Apple’s lowest estimates and Apple is considering new strategies with the iPhone 15 to reverse the trend.

From Macworld: A price cut to $849 or $799 would also affect the smaller 6.1-inch model, which starts at $799. When Apple removed the $699 mini model from the line, Apple effectively raised the cost of the iPhone 14 line, which may have affected sales of the lower-end iPhones. It’s unclear whether Apple is considering a price cut for the iPhone 14 Plus.

In October, The Information reported that Apple was cutting production of the iPhone 14 Plus less than two weeks after its debut. The article said the tech giant told at least one manufacturer in China to immediately halt production of iPhone 14 Plus components while its procurement team reevaluates demand for the product. Two downstream Apple suppliers in China that rely on the parts and assemble them into larger modules are also cutting their production 70% and 90% respectively, according to The Information.

This lined up with previous reports. The iPhone 14 Plus is selling lower than expected, according to an Oct. 13 DigiTimes Asia article (a subscription is required to read the entire report). This is despite the fact that the first wave of market responses to the higher-priced iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max has been enthusiastic, the article adds.

Dennis Sellers
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