If you want to use your iPad hands-free, you need the HoverBar Tower

By Chris Gannon

I’ve spent some time using the US$129 HoverBar Tower from Twelve South which is an adjustable floor stand for the iPad. It fits any size iPad, as well as iPhones and other tablets.

If you’ve ever wanted the ability to use your iPad hands-free, this is the product you’re looking for. The HoverBar Tower is great if you want to use your iPad while standing, sitting, or lying down, but the most common use for me is to use it while lying in bed to read or watching movies/television. 

It’s also handy for people needing or wanting to use a screen while working out. The HoverBar is easily adjustable so that you can get the tablet in just the right position. 

Opening up the package from Twelve South, you will be immediately impressed with the build quality. The primarily metal construction ensures that the HoverBar can easily handle any size tablet without tipping over or wobbling. 

No tools are required to put the HoverBar together, and I was able to use it about 5 minutes after opening it up. While fully capable of handling any size tablet, the HoverBar Tower can be easily picked up and moved if you prefer to keep it out of the way. The makers have struck just the right balance here. 

If you are looking for a device that will allow easy hands-free use of your tablet – I highly recommend the HoverBar for all the reasons mentioned and more. If you aren’t looking for a device like this, I still recommend you do, as I have found many wonderful uses for mine. While there are several products similar to this one, I don’t see much, if anything, that can match the level of quality for the price. 

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★

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