Colorado now has the broadest right-to-repair laws in America

Colorado now has the broadest right-to-repair laws in America.

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis on Tuesday signed an electronics Right to Repair law that ensures Coloradans have access to the tools, parts, diagnostics and software they need to fix common electronics, reports PIRG

Coloradans now have the broadest repair rights of any Americans. PIRG says the new law builds on previous Colorado laws that enshrined repair protections for farm equipment and powered wheelchairs. Colorado is also the second state to include language in its electronics legislation that restricts companies from using software locks to restrict repair, a process known as “parts pairing.” Oregon was the first US state to officially outlaw the practice, as part of its Right to Repair bill. The law takes effect for smartphones from January 2025.

As noted by 9to5Mac, parts pairing is where the serial number of a component (like a screen) is digitally paired to the serial number of the iPhone itself. Even if you swap one genuine Apple component for another, the repair won’t fully work because the pairing won’t match. This can prevent repairs being carried out using cannibalized parts.

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