Black Desert Mobile’s ‘Hashashin Awakening’ arrives on the Mac today

Korean MMORPG publisher and developer Pearl Abyss has announced that Black Desert Mobile’s new Hashashin Awakening class, “Zayed”, is available now on the Mac. Well, kinda.

It’s available at the “Apps for iPhone” section of the App Store on select Macs. Here’s how the game is described: 

Adventurers can take on the sand-wielding fighter Zayed who uses his enormous Dual Glaives across four distinct skills:

  • Purge: Zayed powerfully smashes the ground with his Dual Glaives, summoning a fierce sand serpent to attack his enemies.
  • Ensnaring Sands: Zayed sends his Dual Glaives to the ground to unleash wide area-of-effect destruction with his sand serpents.
  • Condemnation: Zayed leaps into the air with his sand serpents for a powerful ascending hit and deadly descending strike. Combine this skill with Paradise Surge to quickly burrow into the ground and leap out to ambush enemies.
  • Desert’s Shadow: This passive ability allows Zayed to use additional skills on top of an initial skill that won’t be canceled.

You can play it on all Mac devices with Apple Silicon chips from 2020 or later, including the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini, and Mac Studio.

Pearl Abyss also also launched a new Amazon Prime Gaming campaign offering in-game rewards every two weeks. Starting today, Tuesday, February 28, and running through Tuesday, Aug. 22, Amazon Prime members can redeem items on the Prime Gaming homepage, starting today with 1,000 Chaos Crystals and five Abyssal Relic Selection Chests (an US$49.50 value). 

Dennis Sellers
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