Autobiographer generative AI storytelling app debuts on the Apple App Store

Autobiographer revolutionizes how we discover, preserve, and tell our life stories through authentic conversations with AI.

Autobiographer, a generative artificial intelligence storytelling app, has debuted on the Apple App Store with a mission “to empower people to discover, preserve, and tell their memories and life stories.”

Autobiographer CEO and co-founder, Matt Bowman, says the app’s genuine, adaptive dialogue allows users to preserve their legacies like never before. Users simply talk with their Autobiographer Guide in the app, which listens attentively, engages thoughtfully, and crafts their unique conversations into written stories. The app securely stores and assembles these precious memories, allowing users to refine, customize, and share their life stories with loved ones.

Bowman says that Autobiographer combines cutting-edge generative AI, voice interfaces, and privacy tools. Powered by Anthropic’s Claude 3, the app’s Guide employs a proprietary question-asking architecture “to foster an insatiable curiosity about a user’s life, creating a uniquely personalized experience, he adds. 

By leveraging Apple’s unmatched on-device security, including FaceID and iCloud encryption, Autobiographer ensures that user stories remain fiercely protected, with data never stored beyond individual sessions, Bowman adds. The Autobiographer app is now available for download through the App Store; the price is an annual US$199 subscription. This buys users unlimited conversations, lifetime storage, and the ability to create up to 250 pages of content annually.

Dennis Sellers
the authorDennis Sellers
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