Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Transform Your Video Calls With The Pictar Home Office Kit

Doing a lot of video calls while you’re working from home? Perhaps it’s time to improve your calls with the Pictar Home Office Kit ($89.99). Featuring a clip-on wide angle lens, a powerful LED light panel, and a fun adjustable tripod, the Home Office Kit will turn your video calls from dreary to dynamic in no time at all!

Pictar Home Office Kit is a perfect way for newly remote WFH professionals and students to transform the video call into an efficient, empowering experience. Designed to help you maintain an air of professionalism, the home office kit includes a click-on wide-angle lens, professional lighting, and the world’s coolest flexible tripod.

Pictar Wide-Angle Smart Lens

  • Doubles the angle of view, so you always capture the whole scene not just part of it

  • Significantly expands the optical angle any of the lenses installed on the mobile phone

  • Works well with the Pictar app that enables precise and easy lens adjustment, 20 shooting modes & more

Splat 3N1 Flexible Tripod

  • Adjusts to any surface and can hold action cameras, cameras, and smartphones in countless positions

  • Has 5 flexible & extremely durable legs, that can be shaped however you want

  • Folds onto users’ cameras in many different ways, securing them in a tight & protective grip

Pictar Smart Light

  • Compact LED lamp suitable for a camera or mobile phone

  • Dramatically improves the quality & character of photographs and video clips

  • Powered by a built-in battery, it runs at full brightness for up to 2 hours when fully charged

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