Apple Watch users may one day be able to change their watchbands’ colors on the fly

These images show an Apple Watch band with the ability to have colors and features quickly changed.

Apple Watch users may one day be able to adjust the color — and other features — of their watch bands on the fly. Apple has been granted a patent (number 11586153 B1) for a “watch band with adjustable color.”

In the patent data, Apple notes that smartwatch users may desire the ability to customize their watch bands to express variety and style. Some existing watches offer the user with an ability to remove and exchange different watch bands for customization. 

However, Apple wants to provide watch bands that provide enhanced color adjustment capabilities. How? They could include described herein include electrochromic features that provide adjustable color control based on an applied voltage to offer a variety of colors and color combinations to be displayed by a single band. 

The user or a control system can control, select, and/or adjust one or more colors of the watch band for visual display. A variety of colors can be displayed at different times without requiring different watch bands for each color or color combination. What’s more, the color changing features can be used as a visual output of information from the watch to the user.”

Dennis Sellers
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