Apple wants the Apple Watch to serve as a user’s ‘health companion’


Apple has been granted a patent (number US 11986318 B2) that details plans for an Apple Watch to serve as a user’s “health companion.”

About the patent 

The patent involves a wearable electronic device (the Apple Watch) that can be used to determine and evaluate external environmental factors that can affect a user’s health. In the patent Apple notes that electronic devices may include certain features to enhance a user experience. 

For example, an electronic device may include a sensing element designed to monitor the user as well as a surrounding environment. In particular, a wearable electronic device can include multiple sensors used for interacting with a user that can provide information related to a current physical condition and/or health of the user as well as provide relevant environmental information.

The patent seems to involve, among other things, a smartwatch’s ability to measure sweat and water input to make sure a user is staying hydrated.

Summary of the patent

Here’s Apple’s abstract of the patent: “A wearable consumer electronic product includes at least a housing arranged to carry operational components comprising a processor and a band having a pliable band body and a securing means arranged to secure the band body to the housing. In one embodiment, the pliable band body has a size and shape suitable for wrapping around an individual appendage and that includes an opening that leads to a cavity within the band body suitable for accumulating an amount of water and a band sensor embedded within the band body in communication with the cavity.”

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Dennis Sellers
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