Apple rumored to be developing a ‘significantly thinner version’ of the iPhone

iPhone 17 concept

Apple is developing a “significantly thinner version” of the iPhone that could be released next year, according to The Information (a subscription is required to read the entire article).

Quoting unnamed “people with direct knowledge of the project,” the article says the smartphone with a “major redesign” could be priced even higher than the current iPhone 15 Pro Max, which starts at US$1,200. The Information says the smartphone — with a size of 6.1 to 6.7 inches — will move the rear comes from the top left corner of the current iPhones to the top center. 

The article says that other features of the “iPhone Thin” (my name, not that of The Information) a narrower Dynamic Island, an aluminum chassis, an A19 processor, and an even-better front camera. Other rumors about next year’s iPhone line-up include: 

° RAM amounts across the iPhone 17 lineup will be: iPhone 17: 8GB; iPhone 17 Slim: 8GB; iPhone 17 Pro: 12GB; and iPhone 17 Pro Max: 12GB.

° The iPhone 17 Plus will have a smaller screen than the current iPhone 15 Plus.

° Next year’s Apple smartphone will sport an anti-reflective display that’s more scratch-resistant than Apple’s Ceramic Shield on current models.

° The iPhone 17 Pro will be the first Apple device to get the 2 nanometer processor that Apple manufacturing partner TSMC is making.

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